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The juvenile birds are spotted and streaky and are frequently found in family parties with the adults.

Frequently perches on the highest vantage point available, drawing attention to itself by its call, a repetitive scolding "hueet-tic-tic, hueet tic-tic, tic-tic".

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You can listen to and compare their respective songs on the video link above.

The females have all these features but they are less vivid.

Juveniles look like pale washed-out versions of the parents - but once again .

Generally one of our first spring migrants to arrive, with some coastal areas being regular stopping grounds for migrant birds.

They are an upright alert looking bird, always seeming to be on the move from one vantage point to another along the ground. The males have grey upperparts, broad stripe over the eye, black ear coverts and wings, and pale buffish under parts.

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