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He claimed that it was only a request, and not a threat."All I did was make a request that the party be allowed to contest for seats it used to hold. Never at any time did I issue an ultimatum to the Barisan Nasional.”Kayveas’ statements appear to be constantly volatile. He conveniently ignored the situational and time-frame elements when making that claim.

At that point of time, People’s Progressive Party was a much respected party under the leadership of prominent figures such as the Seenivasagam brothers.

This was decided at the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council Meeting on the 9How do we comprehend this?

The Prime Minister has made his stand clear, but the People’s Progressive Party Youth Chairman tries to reinterpret it.

The next General Election would only be in 2012/2013.

Here we have a political leader, who is supposed to represent the people, suggesting that Barisan Nasional has about 4 years to consider the Act, despite acknowledging that those who had been unfairly detained would have to continue serving detention for at least as long as that, unless of course, Syed Hamid chooses to releases them.

Ipoh Municipality Council, under the People’s Progressive Party in the 1960s, was an exemplary model of local administration which was even highly regarded by Barisan Nasional leaders back then.

Kayveas has certainly failed to live up to the legacy of the party’s past leaders.

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What transpired next was his change of tune, much to the dismay of even most People’s Progressive Party’s members. His claim last year that the People’s Progressive Party should be allowed to contest seven parliamentary seats and twelve state seats in the 2008 General Elections simply because these were the numbers held by them before joining Barisan Nasional is far from justifiable.

Let’s watch and see what transpires when Kayveas is back from the States in a couple of weeks.

Supra Maniam s/o Kolanda Velu, the party has backed you, and you now have the chance of taking the People’s Progressive Party back to the heights of its glorious heyday.

Abdullah Badawi has now made it clear that the Internal Security Act would not be amended, burying any ‘hopes’ left of Kayveas.

Abdullah Badawi also said that the People’s Progressive Party was free to leave the coalition.

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