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It is important to arrive on time for your appointment.If you are late we will try to accommodate you, but those women arriving on time will be given priority.This site has been created to provide you with information about the types of examination available and how to gain access to them Call our friendly customer services team today for advice about the availability of private scan appointments.A Private Ultrasound scan is a non-invasive and safe form of medical imaging which most people associate with the scanning of pregnant women but is widely used to assess most of the major organs in the body and to diagnose many medical conditions.Checking the sex of your baby is not possible on some scans. One adult is allowed to accompany you in the scan room.Referrals for scans are only from midwives or doctors in antenatal clinics or on the hospital wards.[hero_unit text=" Private Ultrasound Scans in Manchester, North Wales and the North West.

Some women will need extra scans later in the pregnancy for several reasons, such as checking the baby's growth.

The chances of what we can or can't see on an ultrasound scan are found on page 34 of the booklet "Screening Tests for You and Your Baby", which can be found here.

This is a scan done later in the pregnancy (usually after 26 weeks) to assess your baby's size. If you have had certain problems in a previous pregnancy then you will be assessed to see if any scans are required.

This scan is a positive experience for most people, but not for everybody as unfortunately sometimes we find a problem with a baby's development.

Whilst this scan is good at detecting most serious problems, it cannot pick up all possible problems with the baby.

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