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" as I nibbled on some pastry's and sipped my coffee. If I knew I'd tell you." She raises her hand to her face as if she can scrub away the weariness, the other hand flicks in my direction in a dismissive gesture. I enter our luxurious room but fail to feel calm as usual. It must be something that happened with that mystery client. People bonded quickly in these places, it felt like I'd known her for years, not merely weeks.

The shock starts to dissipate as I head to my room. I sit on our soft maroon overstuffed sofa and wrap my green and grey patchwork blanket around myself. I analyse every thought and action trying to figure out what went wrong. I did everything I was told to do, maybe I shouldn't have stayed? Nobody told me what to do if that request happened; how can she punish me for something I wasn't informed of? Then back to fear as the words 'Silver Room' flash in and out of my thoughts. I stood tall, or as tall as I get, which isn't much.

" She trots urgently but elegantly over to me and takes a seat on the sofa across from mine. I arrived in the lower levels, the décor down here various shades of black, white and grey; nothing like the earthy tones used upstairs.

Kinsey, sensing my change from panicked to numb, leans back against the wall. I do the usual preparation, shave what needs to be shaved and wash thoroughly. "The Superior said that I can stay here with you, so maybe it won't be that bad? Kinsey dressed in a one-piece and was going for sexy but see-through. After several silent minutes, I look at her and like she can sense it, she looks up and meets my eyes. I use a special sealant, which means it can't come off unless you use the remover. With my porcelain skin, the nude blends seamlessly and it just looks like I have three tiny black squares covering my nipples and pussy. The nude and black combo gives the illusion that there is less material than there actually is.

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