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The town is known for its peculiar potions, made from the plants, gems and minerals unique to this quiet corner of the world.

Some ingredients can only be found at night, but only the truly adventurous stay out after dark...

some say its a whole different world under the moonlight.

EA representatives have not gone into detail about the world, but have described it as a mysterious town, filled with mystical creatures. The world has a variety of new rabbit holes, including Create a World assets, including a town hall, a mausoleum, and a water tower.

Moonlight Falls comes with character stories, such as feuding between founding families.

The vampire family (the Van Goulds) and the werewolf family (the Wolffs) are at odds over who founded Moonlight Falls.

Led by their sprightly matriarch, Flora, the mischievous Goodfellows have engineered several encounters with humans, from simple pranks to elaborate social experiments!

Their crowning achievement is an adoption mix-up resulting in Linda Rodgers’ newly adopted baby being a fairy with the Goodfellows taking possession of the human baby instead.

There is a large amount of bridges suggested for transportation around town.

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With its misty waterfalls, deep forests and fog shrouded coves, Moonlight Falls casts a spell on all who enter.

There are a lot of trees in the area, as well as a river which leads to a waterfall and two rusted or wooden bridges over the river.

There is also a small flat bridge, possibly concrete, across the river right before the waterfall.

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