Columbia university dating experiment

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Thus, for dark matter detectors using liquid xenon, the krypton needs to be removed.This is done by passing the xenon through a cryogenic distillation column specifically designed for removing krypton.They shared their results with Austrian physicists Otto Frisch and Lise Meitner, who termed the phenomenon “nuclear fission.” Columbia physicists rushed to replicate the experiment using the cyclotron in Pupin Hall.

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Until recent years, gaseous diffusion was the primary method used to obtain uranium-235.

The basement laboratory of Pupin Hall became home to a cyclotron, a type of particle accelerator first invented in the early 1930s by Ernest O. Known as “atom smashers,” cyclotrons accelerate atoms through a vaccuum and use electromagnets to induce collisions at speeds up to 25,000 miles per second.

The results of such experiments provided valuable clues about the behavior of atoms.

The decay of 85-Kr releases an electron which can then scatter in the xenon detector.

These electronic recoil events can potentially obscure even rarer signals from interactions with dark matter.

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