Dating breyer horses

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Hair color, spotting (or not) and emphasis on specific details down to the color of the whites of their eyes is as individual as the artist that paints them.

This process ensures that no two model horses will ever look alike, thus creating instant value as a collectible.

You may later regret collecting pieces based only on their market value.

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Breyer models encourage creativity, and the practice of real horse care. However, this isn't the kind of toy you step of sit on, as their legs tend to break.

Some of the earlier and more exotic pages, I later discovered, were copies of the actual archival materials Breyer had, presumably made by Marney herself.

So there’s a strong possibility that even if I didn’t get this copy from Reeves, it might be a copy from the very same source material.

Third; authentic Breyer model horses have the raised marks raised marks on the flank of a back leg to properly identify them.

All will include: Models before 1960 did not have the raised markings, but a sticker or hang tag which may or may not have lasted through the years.

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