Dating dna registration

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The files stored in Gen Bank are divided into different groups, such as BCT (bacterial), VRL (viruses), PRI (primates)…etc.People can access Gen Bank from NCBI’s retrieval system, and then use “BLAST” function to identify a certain sequence within the Gen Bank or to find the similarities between two sequences.

A cold hit is of particular value in linking a specific person to a crime scene, but is of less evidential value than a DNA match made without the use of a DNA database.Through recording DNA profiles, scientists may find out the interactions between the genetic environment and occurrence of certain diseases (such as cardiovascular disease or cancer), and thus finding some new drugs or effective treatments in controlling these diseases.It is often collaborated with the National Health Service.The United States national DNA database is called Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).It is maintained at three levels: national, state and local. The national DNA index system (NDIS) allows DNA profiles to be exchanged and compared between participated laboratories nationally.

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