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They are just now beginning to hit 65, and the percentage of them in retirement is rising quickly. "The new retirees we are seeing bring a different perspective on dating to retirement," said Victoria Sosa, with Cambridge Village of Apex.

"They were part of the 60s and 70s movement of liberation and individuality, and seemed comfortable continuing that lifestyle as they enter retirement." Sosa also said with people living past 65, these new retirees are looking at these years as a start of something new, not as simply an end.

, Zendaya appeared to point out inaccuracies of the story.

"Wait wait..favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA," she wrote.

Please try to see your husband’s ex not as his former spouse, but as a grieving parent.

This is a one-time occurrence, happening on one day, and then it will be over.

A new generation of retirees -- the Baby Boomers -- are entering retirement and bringing a very different attitude toward dating than prior generations.

New technologies, like online dating, are changing the way people connect, and seniors are increasingly taking advantage of these options.

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I feel I cannot handle that many people at my home!"They have an optimism toward the coming decades, and how best to enjoy them, which includes being hopeful about continuing to pursue romantic relationships," she said.Even though both sexes are living longer, women still live eight years longer than their male counterparts.Should I wait until the specific date passes in order to see if she just deactivated temporarily due to traveling?Should I just accept this as a cost of dating in this era (that some people will ghost) and move on?

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