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Everything about it is phenomenal, but the cut’s terrible.

You want to go with a style as classic as possible, something that looks like a Schott.The other thing that’s amazing about leather jackets and how it sort of fits in culturally to everything we like is that it’s all about this reappropriation of super practical, purpose-driven attire. My favorite Perfecto is one that I wear basically everyday that I’ve had for like four years. I wish I was, because I would be on some other shit.You’ve customized one of your jackets with a bunch of pins. I was on tour in Detroit, and I happened to be sitting on the toilet for a long time. It’s so important ‘cause otherwise, it’s what prevents all of us from becoming fashion victims—and that’s crucial. Do you have to hunt for a piece like that one [Christopher Bailey for Burberry jacket from 2011]? It’s funny because I hunt for like furniture that I could flaunt, you know?I do wear them in 80° weather, but I expect to get clowned and I clown myself when I do it. You’re good—and not only that, it’s like a thousand dollar investment.The whole thing about all that too is like, yes, a leather jacket makes you look badass and makes you look like you’re auditioning for a part in The Ramones musical on Broadway or something, but you also have to have a degree of humor about everything. But A) it’s year-round and B) it’s gonna last for 5, 6, years or maybe more.

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