Is alfredo flores dating ashley cook

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Now my source isn’t saying that Selena and Alfredo were hooking up, but again, they were always suspiciously close especially with Alfredo friend hopping from Selena to Justin.My source also says that Selena cheating on worldwide pop star, Justin Bieber, with his cameraman, is below Selena’s standards.

Sel joined the Tiz, her BF Scott, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler for a day of sun, friends and fun — totally innocent, right?But remember, Selena has cheated on Justin before as I explained here: Justin ended up quoting the messages and lowkey exposing Selena. My source believes that Selena manipulated Alfredo several times as she does to everyone.I quote, “She’s the queen of manipulation and will use whoever she needs to get what she wants.”Alfredo has also stated that he has a crush on Selena.”Alfredo in the past has admittedly said to have a crush on Selena and I can only assume Selena has used that to her advantage.For instance Selena, Alfredo and friends are out one day.

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