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This means that the Move has fewer casual titles that would be suitable for events and also that some of the controls may be less intuitive to a non-gamer.However, the Move has several things going for it and should not be ignored when planning a party involving video games.Instead, the Kinect works by tracking the movement of the players using special sensors.This provides a perfect platform for many dance and sports games but limits its functionality since there’s no way to press a button with no controller.Most of the Kinect games are somewhat cartoony in appearance and though they are a big step up from the graphics found on the Wii, they do not yet compare to other “core” titles on the 360.The Kinect is the latest development in the gaming world.

That said, the Wii still has some fantastic games available and name has the name brand that consumers most associate with casual games.The new Xbox 360 Slim models that were introduced shortly before the Kinect have full 1080p capability, allowing for stunning graphics from games.However, most of the games that have come out so far do not take great advantage of this.However, many of the titles are cartoonish, and geared more towards children than for the general public.People never seem to get sick of classics such as Wii Sports though.

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