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Joseph is acquitted of murder but convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison, though he is released on compassionate parole after seven months (per Dickham's request), his cancer being terminal. After acknowledging Hank as the best lawyer he knows, Joseph dies peacefully in the boat.Hank, having made peace with his father, returns to the courtroom Joseph once reigned over, and spins the judge's chair, where it ominously stops, pointed at him.While in court, he receives a call telling him his mother has died.As he leaves to fly to his hometown of Carlinville, it is revealed that Hank is going through a divorce (due to his wife's infidelity) and custody battle for his young daughter. The 88th Annual Academy Awards were held last night and most of your favorite celebrity babes showed up and tried to outdo each other in the hotness and sexy and cleavage and leg category, but it wasn’t even a competition if you ask me. And not only did Olivia put her awesome cleavage on drool-inducing display, she also looked the most stunning.

Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) is a successful defense attorney in Chicago who has been estranged from his family in a small town in Indiana for some time.

The judge is Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall), Hank's father.

When Joseph sees Hank for the first time in many years, at the funeral, he is treating guests with kindness but acknowledges his son coldly.

The victim is identified as Mark Blackwell (Mark Kiely), a recently released convicted murderer whose crimes, before the killing, Joseph had treated with leniency.

After Blackwell's blood is found on the car, Joseph is soon indicted, with prosecutor Dwight Dickham (Billy Bob Thornton) seeking a conviction for first-degree murder.

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