Life insurance backdating in kansas

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If the notice is delivered or mailed later than the 60th day before the date on which the policy expires, the coverage remains in effect until the 61st day after the date on which the notice is delivered or mailed.(c) Earned premium for any period of coverage that extends beyond the expiration date of the policy shall be computed pro rata based on the previous year's rate. (a) An insurer may refuse to renew a liability insurance policy if the insurer delivers or mails written notice of the nonrenewal to the first-named insured under the policy at the address shown on the policy.(b) The notice must be delivered or mailed not later than the 60th day before the date on which the policy expires. For purposes of this chapter and Subchapters C and D, Chapter 1952, the transfer of a policyholder between admitted companies within the same insurance group is not considered a refusal to renew.

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Conseco Life Insurance is associated with them and it is the same dealing with them.

CANCELLATION AND NONRENEWAL OF CERTAIN LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICIESSec. The term does not include a county mutual fire insurance company that writes exclusively industrial fire insurance as described by Section 912.310 or a farm mutual insurance company.(2) "Liability insurance" means:(A) general liability insurance;(B) professional liability insurance other than medical professional liability insurance;(C) commercial automobile liability insurance;(D) commercial multiperil insurance; and(E) any other type or line of liability insurance designated by the department.

In this subchapter:(1) "Insurer" means an insurance company or other entity admitted to engage in business and authorized to write liability insurance in this state, including a county mutual insurance company, a Lloyd's plan, and a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange.


In this subchapter, "insurer" means any authorized insurer writing property and casualty insurance in this state, including:(1) a county mutual insurance company;(2) a Lloyd's plan;(3) a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange; and(4) a farm mutual insurance company.

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