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Whether it is through our current extensive database of single applications, our Active or Passive memberships, or through our massive advertising campaigns, finding you your "special someone" is our full-time job. Unlike those online dating companies, we meet ALL of our Clients face-to-face.

This allows Colorado Springs Matchmakers to properly screen potential partners for you.

For this reason, we require a mutual agreement from both parties.

When you have faith in how and why your referrals are selected, your dates will be so much more EXCITING knowing you both have approved, and are looking forward to meeting, each other!

Your feedback, combined with our experience and intuition, helps us make each subsequent referral, better and better.

A "match" isn't just someone with skin and teeth, is it?

There is a higher women to man ratio in Manhattan and for dating, that becomes super challenging especially for women who are over 30.

This is where our private registry, virtual matchmaking and dating consulting services give women in New York the best advantage for finding their perfect match.

Manhattan is full of beautiful, strong, and career focused women.

Where does that leave men who are high net worth, have great careers, and want to find a fun, playful, beautiful women who will appreciate them for everything they have to offer? This is where an expert matchmaker comes in to do the legwork, networking, screening and match you with the the right person.

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