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When they became teenagers, they were introducted to his La Familia, the Dojima Family.Kazuma became a rising star of the Dojima Family and naturally Akira was jealous. In 1990, Yumi moved to Kamurocho and worked in Serena bar.In 1995, Kazuma Kiryu wanted to build his own family.The Dojima boss, Sohei, kidnapped Yumi and raped her. Kazuma saw the scene and told Nishiki and Yumi to run away. YAKUZA (set in 2005, released internationally in 2006) Kiryu was released from prison in 2005 as a marked man.

Plus, I think I want to make a game guide as a writing project, and of course to help other players enjoying and solving this variety show of a game. THANK YOU ____________ In completing the game and in making this guide, I owe much to Yakuza wiki @ Wikia, Bread Skin and yewjhin from ps3trophies.org, and Ice Queen Zero and kliq IMB from Also thank you The Patrick for comprehensive guides for past Yakuza titles. ABOUT YAKUZA _______________ With the success of Grand Theft Auto, of course many game companies want to create their own 'crime simulator'.

Substories: How to Become the Friendly Neighborhood Yakuza 9.1 Akiyama 9.2 Saejima 9.3 Tanimura 9.4 Kiryu 10.

Walkthrough 8.1 Shun Akiyama 8.2 Taiga Saejima 8.3 Masayoshi Tanimura 8.4 Kazuma Kiryu 8.5 Finale 9.

YAKUZA 4 Densetsu o Tsugumono - Successor of the Legend Action-Adventure Game for Play Station 3 _______________________________________________________ A Yakuza 4 Guide Version 1.1 Sponsored by Sky Finance, Ebisu Pawn and Toughness ZZ Created by awritingdog for Game FAQs and Neoseeker Copyright 2012 Mario Rustan Mail: [email protected]/Ryuu ga Gotoku franchise is a property of Sega ________________________________________________________ What's new: New publication licenses, correcting typos and wrong information, and improving grammars, expressions, and examples. The district, of course, are still full of sinful activities with plenty of interesting characters tied up to the yakuza's bloody businesses.

_________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS __________________ 1. Besides Kiryu, you will play three other characters with unique personalities.

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