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John hopes Sarah and his puppy can work things out before it's too late."If you haven't read a Claire Cook book yet, start with this one.

You don't need to have read the first book, but why not grab that one, too, and read it?

Now Cook is back with a sequel in Must Love Dogs: New Leash on Life, which proves just as delightful . Sequels can be difficult, and I'm happy to report that Claire Cook never missed a beat in bringing these marvelous characters back to life.

The hilarious and unforgettable Hurlihy family is in full swing, and Sarah is as funny and endearing as ever.

Sometimes when people walk through shelters, they miss pets because they have a specific kind of pet in mind, and quickly walk past a slew of fantastic pets!“[Dog rescue] is just a part of my heart,” said Borenstein of her passion and devotion to the cause.“The unconditional love, the loyalty and the trust of dogs is something that the worst and most inhumane treatment cannot wipe out.For more information about the doggie speed-dating event, contact Borenstein at Armadillo Bar & Grill at (845) 331-1550.For more information about the Spay-Ghetti dinner, or for information on how to adopt, call (845) 331-5377 or visit

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