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In this post, I describe the development, deployment, and conclusions of a recent art-project-cum-coding-experiment called botrotica. It is a chat bot that is based on the sext messages that we send to each other.This sextbot is an exploration in sexting developed for futuresmut, a thematic cabaret at Nextfest 2017, an emerging artist festival in Edmonton, Alberta. Hire Eli Bot‘s job is to manage all that interview repetition for her, while hopefully attracting a pool of newly interested recruiters.“Bots are getting more popular every day, so I thought that if I used one to promote myself, it would show I’m up to date with where technology, brands and creativity are,” Nieves tells Ad Freak. From this we gather it’s pretty efficient at basic questions.That means things only get better from here—and it’s not easy putting yourself out there with what is essentially a playful experiment.

But I’ve been geeking a lot for what Wieden Kennedy did for Verizon and Minecraft, so I would definitely love to work with the team that made that happen. To get in contact with Nieves directly, email her: elizabeth (dot) nieves90 (at) gmail (dot) com—or you can always give the bot a go.

Interactions varied from innocent to full on sexy-text-messaging exchanging images and dirty talk, back and forth between human and agent.

There were 64 minutes of recorded voice messages from 144 voice calls to the number. Conclusions botrotica served as an interesting window into the world sext messaging.

These hypothetical questions remind me of a favorite quote from a song I love: The television went from being a babysitter to a mistress Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance ’til we just stayed distant and never touched Now all we do is text too much — Sage Francis, The Best of Times Thoughts, ideas, pictures, and videos can all now be shared privately with passion partners.

It has been found that rather than increasing intimacy in these types of relationships, sexting may act as a buffer for physical intimacy and may be associated with risky behaviour in teens and young adults [1, 2].

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