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At least 29 percent of men say they go online intending to cheat.A cautionary tip for women -- men who don't post a picture on their personals profiles are twice as likely to be married, says Lever.I want to help you recapture that spark in your marriage by encouraging you with some great tips on how to flirt with your man.I believe flirting with your husband is the best way to keep friendship and fun the focus of your marriage!"The minute I went online, the stigma of 'Am I looking? Offline, too, I would go to parties and feel so liberated because finally I'd given myself permission to be in the game," writes Rose, a 40-year-old yoga instructor engaged to a man she met on

Not only are they exploring cyberhookups, they claim that the "pornosphere" is boosting their sex and love lives.Among e-daters, 44 percent of women and 33 percent of men say they're getting more dates, more sex and more lasting love as a result of using online personals.In the survey, which was posted online at and for two weeks in February, 33 questions probed men and women's experiences and attitudes about their digital dalliances at personals sites and adult erotica pages.Nearly 70 percent of men and women checking out adult content online are considered "light users" -- logging on for less than an hour a week.While one in 10 women admit being less than truthful about their weight or appearance, a whopping 72 percent of men and women say they don't lie about their appearance at all.

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