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Some are unusually stylish, others pay special respect to the local wildlife, some are pillars of a threatened culture, and a few are remarkable merely for their existence at the far reaches of the world.

And they all help solve the Zen-like riddle every conscientious pleasure-seeker must unravel: How can you indulge without being self-indulgent?

The new Beaver Lodge was fashioned from trees felled by spruce-bark beetles.

Fortunately, the logs are solid enough to keep in the cozy heat and keep out the nosy moose (not to mention the otters, lynx, loons, beavers, bald eagles, and grizzly bears).

Although the 38 casitas have satellite TV and overstuffed couches, the (mostly) solar-powered sanctuary hints at the future of sustainable travel.

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In Swahili, the name means "slowly, slowly," as if anyone needed a reminder of how to swing a hammock in this sumptuous hideaway on the Indian Ocean.

Tom Worrell's textured adobe-style villas are made of Gunnash, the ash from coal mines.

Exotic fruits and organic herbs, grown in the hotel's "biolarium," show up (along with yak meat) on the spa menus conceived by Johnny Vinczencz, one of Florida's top young chefs.

But the thrills here tend to be human-powered, including hand-cranking fresh ice cream and tapping the birches for the morning syrup.

When Bill Mc Adam purchased the vast tract of wilderness in 1991, the property was a virtual wasteland of overgrazed veld.

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