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Aside from these six principles are two overriding concepts that are key to the Rastafarian system. But man itself needs a head and the head of man is His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie of Ethiopia'" (Ibid, p. Other doctrines which are more loosely taught and believed by the Rastafarians are the following: 1) Rastafarians have a doctrine of avatar which is very similar to Hinduism. Now the advent of Ras Tafari is the climax of God's revelation" (The Rastafarians, p. They even teach that Jesus predicted the coming of Haile Selassie (Ibid, p. 2) As with many new religious movements, the Rastafarians only accept the Bible conditionally preferring those passages that can be forced to harmonize with their unique doctrines. First is the idea or teaching about Babylon which refers to the Jamaican government, the establishment or the white oppressors in general (Ibid, pp. The second concept is that of I and I which has "become arguably the most important theoretical tool apart from the Babylonian conspiracy in the Rastafarian repertoire" (Rastaman, p. Cashmore explains, "I and I is an expression to totalize the concept of oneness. So God is within all of us and we're one people in fact. They believe, "God revealed himself in the person of Moses, who was the first avatar or savior. "Rastas accept the Bible as their central text with the proviso that much of its original material had been deliberately distorted during its translation into English. 4) The Rastafarian's view of Jesus being only one of several "avatars" depreciates Christ's unique claims to deity and His role as sole mediator between God and man. One of the prominent splinter-groups, known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel, founded by Vernon Carrington has its headquarters in New York (The Rastafarians, pp. Other groups which "claim allegiance to Ras Tafari" are the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church and the Ethiopian World Federation (Ibid, p. DOCTRINE As Cashmore has observed, "The belief system of Ras Tafari was so vague and loosely defined, even at its inception, due to its lack of a single authoritative voice, that what was to be acceptable doctrine was largely a matter of individual interpretation" (Rastaman, p. Early in the history of the movement, Leonard Howell gave the Rastafarians six principles."(1) hatred for the White race; (2) the complete superiority of the Black race; (3) revenge on Whites for their wickedness; (4) the negation, persecution, and humiliation of the government and legal bodies of Jamaica; (5) preparation to go back to Africa; and (6) acknowledging Emperor Haile Selassie as the Supreme Being and only ruler of Black people" (The Rastafarians, p. As Barrett notes, "This first glimpse of the new doctrine that launched the Rastafarian movement has not changed significantly over the years" (Ibid).

Interested in meeting Jamaican women and men from the USA, UK, or girls from Jamaica and elsewhere in the world? Jamaican Dating is currently the largest site dedicated to helping you meet Jamaican singles. 129) 6) True Rastafarians are also vegetarians (The Rastafarians, p. BIBLICAL RESPONSE As with many other groups which selectively acknowledge biblical passages, the Rastafarians will only accept those parts of the Bible which appear to agree with their unique theological perspectives. 1) Haile Selassie is not the latest avatar of God, for Jesus was the fullness of God. Welcome to the brand new dreadlocks dating website! We have recreated the dating singles with dreadlocks site from scratch, after 5 years in existence the site suffered a catastrophic failure and needed to be rebuilt, The new dreadlocks dating site is greatly improved, especially for mobile users.In the early 1920's, Garvey was an influential black spokesman and founder of the "back-to-Africa" movement.He often spoke of the redemption of his people as coming from a future black African king (Magical Blend, June/July 1994, p. On one occasion, Garvey proclaimed, "Look to Africa for the crowning of a Black King, he shall be the Redeemer" (The Rastafarians, p. Only a few years later that prediction would be fulfilled in the person of Ethiopia's king, Haile Selassie.

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