Registry pol not updating

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Here is a code sample of using to change one of the RDP settings (my original use case!): You can get the source or compiled assembly from Bit Bucket.

Version 1.3 (current): Adds two new features including the ability to save the output to CSV and the ability to copy selected rows to the clipboard.Older versions of this tool can be found in the Tool Archive.Active Directory ADMX Best Practices Darren Mar-Elia Desired State Configuration Desktop Management Desktop Policy Manager get-SDMgpo GPExpert GPExpert Scripting Toolkit GPMC GPO Compare GPO Exporter gpoguy GPOGUY.NET library, and also a set of Powershell cmdlets based on top of it. Firstly, they only come packaged with Remote Server Administration Tools, which is a large Windows update.My use case is aimed at targeting policy settings on newly created machines – I don’t want to have to install an 100MB update and then install Windows features – I just want to update a file.

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