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The options are extensive, including common pursuits like baseball, dance and weight training, as well as more unusual hobbies like adventure racing and trapeze.You'll then be asked to indicate your skill level in each.Also conspicuously missing from Fitness Singles is Customer Support.The only way to contact them is through email, and they are VERY slow to respond. There is a phone number listed, but when you call, you get a recorded message to leave your email information, regardless of your request. They all think they are Super models and are basically looking for Brad Pitt. Some people may get lucky but I know a couple of other guys on the site who are having the issues. You must be a unicorn then because hardly anyone talks on the site except scammers.Call the Customer Support team to arrange the extension.Conspicuously missing from Fitness Singles, paid subscriber or not, is a mobile app.

is the largest online dating community for active singles.

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