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You would think this would make me every man’s wildest dream — except it really doesn’t.

You see, as a practitioner of solo polyamory, a form of polyamory that means you have multiple romantic or sexual relationships, but no committed primary partner — I come with a certain level of upfront honesty.

I’m a firm believer in the concept that familiarity destroys passion, and I would rather have the passion. They date or sleep with multiple people at the same time.

The only difference is, most of the people I know don’t communicate that to their partners.

I meet a guy who has something special in his face, a soulfulness that resonates with me.

There’s this firecracker moment when our eyes connect for the first time and — we want each other.

Or is it because most people are inherently possessive of their lovers on a primal level?You can fall for me right back, and I'll give you warmth and killer sex and romance and laughter and absolutely no bullshit. I pour myself a glass of three-day-old white wine and wait for my wing woman to call. Over the course of our near-two-hour phone call she will grill me on everything from my favorite dishes to dating deal-breakers, from the time I was held at gunpoint in Mexico to my affinity for gin martinis.It’s more than physical attraction; it’s spiritual, it’s deep, it’s something really real.We go out a few times, we have intense, intimate conversations into the wee hours of the night, and the kind of sex where you start seeing God. When I find guys who I’m only into for the sex, and vice versa, I can keep them enthusiastically coming back to me for years.

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