Socialengine dating template

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Memberships are becoming increasingly popular and important on the web these days, which can prove invaluable for your business & website like member connections can be important for members in communities / websites related to of Bloggers, Dating, Careers & Jobs, Entertainment, etc who are logging for generating more income online, gather more information & provide better experiences to their existing members.This Advanced Members Plugin provides you all the features required to increase member engagement on your website – Follow Members, Members Verification, Reviews & Ratings, Location & Proximity Search, Compliments, Featured, Sponsored, VIP, Member Of the Day and Automatic Birthday Wishes.

With this package, your website can be quickly setup like our Main Demo ( This package contains all those Social Engine Add Ons plugins, with their extensions, that are advanced versions of official Social Engine plugins, and plugins that provide advanced forms of Social Engine's core features.

Notifications will be sent when Followed members create any new content in Official SE Plugins (Photo Albums, Blogs, Groups, Events, Music Sharing, Forums, Classifieds, Video Sharing, Polls), Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin & Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin.

Notifications can be sent for any other 3rd party plugin on your website on request.

Default Profile photo can be uploaded based on Member Profile Types. Compliments are managed and added by admins in admin panel.

Different Layouts for “Member Home Page” and “Member Profile Page” can be chosen for different member levels.

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