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“Jenny, you look absolutely adorable,” I complimented, putting my hand on her bare shoulder. A successful seduction requires reading the prey and knowing whether to go fast or slow and this was definitely not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type of seduction. Jenny’s face was flaming red; she was either not used to such compliments or, as I was hoping. “Although there is nothing wrong with liking girls,” after a long pause, I added, again building on the complex web of seduction I was creating, “I do.” “You do what? “I only date women now,” I admitted, adding, “after that asshole of an ex-husband left me and Max, I decided to swing the other way and it has been a very good decision.” “Y-y-you are a lesbian? “N-n-no,” she said, her face the darkest red possible. Here is your computer it is as working as good as the day you bought it.” “Thank you,” she said, her mind clearly elsewhere. She then would go to a teen advice site, read all the new questions and often gave advice to them or just comment. Dr Meg: They are stockings with an elastic top to hold them up by themselves around your thigh. She pulled her fingers out of me as the never-ending orgasm continued through my body. I could taste my own juices on her lips; it was so naughty, so sweet and so natural. I enjoyed how real the fantasy was, you could probably write for Literotica with that nasty mind of yours. ” “Yes.” I moved down her neck, giving gentle soft kisses. I licked, nibbled and sucked on her perky firm breasts. I reached her panties and slowly, seductively, slid them off.“Thanks,” she whispered, clearly not used to being noticed. Her style, or lack thereof, was hiding her true natural beauty. ” Jenny stammered, her eyes clearly bewildered by this piece of information. After that it varied looking up author sites, doing research for homework, etc. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and she broke the kiss. ” I nodded yes, knowing I would do anything to taste her again, to feel that feeling of utopia I just experienced. She had written a fantasy that was Literotica worthy and had given me a plethora of insight into her young, submissive mind. I teased her nipples; I splattered her with butterfly kisses. Without instructions she lifted her foot to allow them to fall to the floor.Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 and La Racasse for editing. I am a 35 year old single woman with a two year old child. She goes to a private school and always wears the plaid skirt and knee high nylons (I found it interesting that she wore knee high nylons and not socks like most girls). Dr Meg: If you like yourself, everything else takes care of itself. Dr Meg: Yes, confidence is built through loving yourself first and being comfortable with who you are. Once her orgasm had run its course, she looked down at me and ordered, “Get undressed.” I stood up and obeyed, hands trembling and began to unbutton my blouse. I again obeyed, a mixture of anticipation and trepidation colliding in my mind. “Sorry, just finished working out,” she covered impressively. Her mind trying to process the bizarre reality that was currently happening while her body begged for the attention it had long craved.

I decided to message her about some advice she gave on the question of releasing pressure. But after reading your response, I thought I should personally respond to you. Her response didn’t come back for almost an hour: Lots of things. I broke the kiss, reached for her hand and led her to my bedroom. Our tongues twisted and turned, danced and twirled. “Good girl,” I purred and leaned forward to lick her virgin pussy.

BEDDING THE BABYSITTER Summary: A lesbian neighbor uses the internet to seduce her innocent babysitter. If possible get the following colors: black, white, pink and mocha. Jenny78ph: That they will Dr Meg: While you are out pay attention if anyone notices the new you. Her moans increased and I was soon rewarded with the sweetest taste God had created as her juices flooded out of her onto my tongue, lips and face. “By the way, for future reference you should erase your daily history so people like your Mom or conniving neighbors don’t learn all your secrets.” “Aaaaaaah,” she gasped as my finger slowly penetrated her fevered pussy. You are a lesbian and submissive; I am a lesbian and dominant,” I explained.

Note: Although released in September of 2010, this story was completely re-written in October of 2012. Jenny78ph: Um, ok, but they will all see my stockings. I continued to quench my unquenchable thirst wanting more and more as I drowned in my submission and in her perfection. ” I asked, although I knew exactly why she was breathing like she was. Jenny still trying to get the whole ordeal straight in her mind stood there in a sexual trance.

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